Choosing land for your new home

Here in Gladstone, and around Australia, Dixon Homes offer a number of attractive house and land packages that are turn-key and available to home-owners right now. If you have your own land in mind to build your dream home on however there are many things to keep in mind to make a choose that you’ll continue to be happy with. Investigating the soil, drainage and a whole range of other factors before purchase is not only necessary, it will protect your investment and save you heartache down the road.

Suitability of the land

Whether it’s land in a new residential estate, existing land or acreage, those buying land should always consider how suitable the land is to build on. Differently sized or unusual blocks of land can make finding a home design to fit more of a challenge, and it’s always worth considering:

  • Soil. A soil test will determine what kind of concrete slab and foundations are needed to build.
  • The shape – unusual shapes can make finding a suitable floor plan more of a challenge.
  • Orientation of the land. Is the home north facing and it possible to position a home to take advantage of natural light?
  • Slope – If the land is sloped, extra foundations are needed during the build such as retaining walls and/or excavation

The facilities and services available

A block of land that has access to sewerage, water and can be easily connected to power will no doubt be more expensive than those that do no, but connecting a block without these services available will tip the cost back in favour of the first option. If you’re building on an acreage you can’t forget to include the costs of access roads, sewerage system, power lines and water tanks.

Don’t overlook your lifestyle and neighbour preferences

Depending on your bank balance, you should try and match your block of land with your desired lifestyle preferences. Consider the neighbourhood you are looking at. What are the demographics of those around you? If you are seeking privacy, are you still a close enough distance to key infrastructure and services. Think about what you want most from your location and the kind of suburb you want to live in and match this as closely as possible with what your budget allows.

Deciding on the right block of land is an absolute essential when building a home. Dixon Homes house and land packages include land that passes all the tests, with connections to all the utilities that you would expect. Don’t delay, browse our websites today and see what’s on offer in your desired neighbourhood. For more information contact us directly on 1300 10 10 10 today.