Build a cool home in sultry central Queensland

It’s no secret that central Queensland enjoys a warm climate year round. With more sunny days on average than most of the rest of the nation, the sub-tropical savannah climate of this part of Australia is the basis of the appeal for many people choosing to visit and live in the region. Since a good home is designed with the local climate in mind, each Dixon Homes franchise builds homes that are suited to the unique climate of their respective regions, with our new homes in Gladstone, Tannum Sands and Biloela being no exception. In this news post we outline some home design and building techniques and tips that allow maximum comfort especially during the summer months.

Build bedrooms and living spaces on eastern side

Avoid building living areas or frequently used bedrooms on the western side of the home as this will get the most direct and hottest afternoon sun. Carports, bathrooms and storage rooms are best located on this side of the house. Consider window glazing for western facing windows and doors, as well as awnings to create extra shade. Planting trees is also a good strategy to keep this part of the home cooler by up to 3 degrees – a significant difference in a humid climate.

Use light coloured building materials and paints

Utilising light colours in walls and roofing materials will reflect heat compared to darker tones which typically absorb warmth from the sun. Additionally minimise use of concrete in areas exposed to full sun and if necessary provide shading to concrete areas as the material has a high thermal mass which holds onto heat.

Promote cross ventilation with open plan living

Ensure there is sufficient air flow throughout the property by providing adequate openings to the roof space to remove hot air. Limit the use of walls unless necessary to promote cross ventilation. Consider an open plan living style for your floorplan and maximise outdoor living spaces, or semi enclosed areas in the home design to enjoy breezes and outdoor air flow.


Insulation in an obligation

Insulating homes in warm climates is extremely important to maintain a comfortable living environment.  Fitting insulation underneath roof sheeting will ensure that heat does not penetrate the roofing cavity, and further heat up the living areas of the home. Walls exposed to the sun for a large portion of the day should also be fitted with good quality insulation so heat is not absorbed internally.

When building homes in the sometimes harsh climate of northern Australia, it’s essential to consider utilising building and design strategies that promote cooler airflow and dispel excess heat. The team of experienced local builders at Dixon Homes Gladstone know the unique climate characteristics of living in the regions and tailor their award winning homes based on these factors.. To find out more about what is possible when building a home in central Queensland speak to one of our specially trained consultants standing by to take your call today.